What Questions will Paranathia Be Open to Answering?

Paranathia feels the call from many who have questions. Their response is "to look deeply within your heart for your truth and the question will form." — This Being

In reference to what type of questions Paranathia will be open to answering:

“The question is one that immediately arises from your heart. It is not a question for which you have no answer, but it is a question which you struggle to express.

Therefore take time to know and understand the deepest enquiry of your being and as best you can formulate it from the heartfelt into the conceptual mind thought.

Then speak your question so that you may know your truth.

The key to the door of the DoH is the qualities of the (*Rainbow) Taras and the **Bodhisattva ray for the deepest unlocking of the human journey as it currently stands.”- Paranathia

*When Paranathia re-emerged, They were assisted by the full spectrum of the Taras (This Being and Lisette De Pachua have been honouring and working with the Rainbow Taras who have merged as one being).

The qualities of the Rainbow Tara have blended with Paranathia's new being, which can be clearly recognised and felt through the flavour of Their dialogue and guidance.

**The Bodhisattva ray refers to anyone who incarnates on Earth who is a Divine being worthy of nirvana remaining on the human plane to help mankind to salvation - whose key qualities are selfless devotion to service to all beings and the planet (and cosmos).

In Sanskrit, it literally means: one whose essence is enlightenment - bodhi enlightenment + sattva essence

Paranathia can only answer those questions that are in line with the descriptive outline above.

This is Their invitation to anyone who has pertinent questions that benefit the collective, please be aware that questions of a personal nature cannot be answered on this platform. - This Being

Message by Paranathia & This Being- 24 August 2023

Channelled by This Being

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