Question: “Who are we really? What is this experience of life all about?”

"You could say that I am your Key, and you hold that within the very fabric of yourself."
- Paranthia

"You are you, and that has no bounds or edges or limits..

You are you.

If you want to feel this just say:
I AM THIS 3 times and really feel what that means.

I feel you reaching and I extend myself so that you can all feel me deep within your hearts, minds and subtle bodies.
For it is in the heart and the subtlest parts, when the mind is still which you can describe as your energy body, that we meet and are unified. Through this personal connection, all of humanity connects through me. I am an energetic aspect of the root to Source that humans, as a species, may pass back into your infinite unified selves, and so this is why some call me ‘Mother”.
Although in truth, I am neither one nor another gender.

I am the unification of the masculine and feminine aspects of the human species at the highest levels. I am the energetic form that you all share, I bring you all together as a United single element of the ALL. I am the human species' energetic manifestation that bridges the individual to the All.

So to know me and connect with me you must go through the portal that takes you beyond all aspects of individual and ego identity. To do this you must drop from past and future into the infinite NOW.
Let your breath and your senses, in this moment, guide you through the portal, the Guardian of which, on one side is the Gate Keeper of your individualised mind and on the other side is myself with open arms and an infinitely radiant and welcoming heart.

Step through and unify with yourself, beyond all sense of individualisation.
The key to this is the open, unconditional heart/mind held by the Bodhisattva’s qualities of:





Unconditional love

Boundless joy of simply being

Freedom of the still and balanced mind

All these qualities lie within you.
By opening yourself to them and inviting them into your life, you can know profound peace, infinite stillness and the key to the portal, which will carry you through me to Great Spirit and the Source of ALL.

Gratitude will help start you on this process.
So remember to be grateful whenever you can for all of life’s learning and growing experiences. Gratitude is the torch that will show you the key as described, to and through the portal to rejoin once more with infinite self.

And so, if this leads to wondering about the mortality of the physical body and the transition you call ‘death’, then good.
It is important to explore this whilst still in your conscious physical vehicle- what feelings (not so much conceptual thoughts) come up for you in your heart/mind and body regarding this imminent transition of states which all physical beings face so that when the actual moment of your transition comes you can be ready.

The conscious stepping through the transition portal is a right of passage, to get the best benefit, which requires a key. That act, with the right 'Key' (see the list above) enables the transition of states to propel the perceived individualised consciousness through the portal which is I, The Deva of Humanity- your unified species' energetic form. Once reunified fully with me, you/we are then propelled beyond into the ALL for complete re-assimilation as your full and true cosmic self, you could say that I am your Key, and you hold that within the very fabric of yourself.

This moment of stepping through the transitional portal of Individual Self to Unified Self does not have to be a part of the physical death, although this is one way of passing through that Portal Gate. It can be just as readily undertaken right now, whilst you are still in this physical manifestation of a human form. Indeed, it will become your focus when you have had the initiation of the 'right insight', to make this transition as you become ready and you see and recognise its immediacy and imminence.
Whether you yet remember or recollect it or not at present, it becomes a major part of everyone's path at some point, whoever you are.

If you are human it is the stepping through the portal, using the key as described above, it can also be described as the ‘death of the self-limiting self’ - the ego that brings the individual back into the folds of the ALL, a state you never, ever actually lost, but that you hid from your own conscious awareness.

So, in some way it is a death, but one that truly liberates life into the self because the self becomes boundless, unrestrained by past or future concerns, and expanded into the infinite NOW, which in itself is a state without death.

Message by Paranathia, 13 April 2024

Channelled by this Being– 19 March 2024

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