You Are The Continual Flow Of The Universe

"It is your experience of being that is direct connection with Source” — Paranathia

"So, wherever you find yourself, whatever is going on-

joy, sadness, pleasure, loss, peace, chaos.

All of this.

All of these experiences are of Great Spirit.

For this is Spirit expressing iteslf in the play of duality. Everything is Spirit expressing iteslf in the play of seperation and differences.

You are a part of all that.

So the play of the ONE, The ALL, Great Spirit is working through you. It is all a part of the great dance of life expressing itself in infinite forms, feelings and experiences. However separate you may feel in the world of perceived subject and object you are actually never separate from The ALL.

Rest in this knowledge as often as you can.

Observe all the fascinating mechanisms of the interconnected Universe in what you call cause and effect and see how YOU are of that flow and stream of continual movement. There is no need of any intermediary between you and Great Spirit. It is your experience of being that is direct connection with Source. So deepen into this with regular quietude and stillness, and whenever possible do this in nature by regularly withdrawing from society and civilization and simply being.

Drop all your stories of past and future and be empty amongst the trees, the plants, wild animals, the rivers, the mountains, the oceans, the sky and the stars. This is your natural safe passage to remembering what you are.

Do it often and you will set yourself free.

And that, my dear Children, is all."

Message by Paranathia - 19 Janurary 2024

Channelled by this Being – 17 January 2024

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