"Discover the Light Behind Your Form"

Awaken to the Hidden Past, Current, and Possible Future of Our Species

Introducing The Deva of Humanity

Explore the profound wisdom and guidance of The Deva of Humanity, as She sheds light on the current state of our species. Uncover the hidden truths and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

What is a Deva Being?

Deva beings are celestial entities described in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, believed to be of divine nature and possessing great powers. These beings are often depicted as radiant and beautiful, residing in heavenly realms or celestial abodes.

According to the beliefs, Devas are responsible for maintaining critical aspects of cosmic order. They are more than just a dynamic part of the Cosmic Architects 'behind-the-scenes' workforce, they bestow blessings upon all that has taken-on form including human beings. 

Paranathia as depicted by this Being

They are also considered to be intermediaries between 'Great Spirit' and humans, acting similarly to Angels, as messengers or agents of the divine. Devas are usually known for their virtue, wisdom, and benevolence, and are revered and worshipped by devotees seeking their guidance and protection. In Hindu mythology, Devas are classified into different categories based on their roles and attributes, such as Devas of the heavens, Devas of the elements, and Devas of specific celestial bodies.

Deva beings hold a significant place in spiritual traditions of the East and more recently the West symbolizing divine presence and qualities.

The Complete Disclosure of the Events Behind the Re-Emergence of the Long Lost Deva of Humanity

This information contains accounts of remote viewing, out of body experiences, and channelled information of the 'Deva of Humanity,' both Their history and Their re-emergence now at this pivot point in humanity's journey to Awakening.


1. The Search

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2. The Beginnings

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3. Dream Messages

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4. Her Story

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5. Insights

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6. Re-Emergence

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Before She Re-Emerged, The Deva of Humanity Was Lost to Mankind

When She was first found She used the name Tanaha which means — 'Mother who has lost her children'.

This Is The Prayer

...that called to The Deva of Humanity to return:

"Dear Mother, Deva of Humanity.
We call to you, please be not alone any more.
Hear our Hearts Song.
We sing it to You in the darkness calling you to come back out into the light to take our hands. Please be once again with us in our minds, hearts and bodies, no longer separated.
For as you re-join with us, we humans can finally turn together facing forwards and step into our greatest potential.
Only with you to reunite our species can we take up our place in humble gratitude, deepest respect, equality and unity with all our fellow beings of the Earth- The Animals, Insects, Plants, Fish, Trees, The Earth and The Rivers, The Sky and Oceans, The Air, those that are seen and also those that are hidden... and each other.
Only through you- our collective representative, can we fulfil our Earthly mission as a species united, standing as one with All the Beings and the elements of Earth.
With your gentle guidance, we may remember through our long ancestral lines, who we truly are in wholeness.
With you to bring all our hearts together we can pass through our individual and collective challenges of feeling separate.
Holding us in your Blessed Heart once again as one united species- Humanity, Only thus can we recognise our place of shining pure potential that the Infinite Intelligence of The Universe always sets as an invitation before us."


Discover the truth behind the current situation we face as a species.

The Deva of Humanity is here to guide those who are ready to hear the truth.

Who Is The Deva of Humanity?

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“I am the Mother Tree of Humanity. You can always find me in the light behind your form. This is the voice of the one whom you call Paranathia, whom you describe as The Deva of Humanity....

Connecting to The Deva of Humanity

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In answer to this question, Paranathia gives clear guidance on the steps we can follow in order to meet Them. "The first stage is to genuinely suspend all forms of disbelief, even for just a moment....

What is The Origin of Humanity?

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"This seems like a simple question and the motives for asking it are valid, indeed valuable, which is the impetus that brings about this enquiry. First of all, know and be rest assured in the knowledge that....

Mantras to Connect to Paranathia

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“Whichever of the mantras that you feel is the most powerful and useful one will work. The important thing is the intention behind the mantra and how that interacts with your heart mind....

Please forward this to those whom you feel are at a stage in their spiritual evolution that will be receptive to understanding, absorbing and growing from this information.

This website is a vehicle for The Deva of Humanity's messages for those who are ready to hear them.*


*Please note: Messages will be in the form of blog posts and are not meant for discussion on this platform—they are given as a signpost to our collective awakening.

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